Welcome to the information system. Enjoy!

Mystical, Magical, Rational. is the technological umbrella, for a movement, happening in Tyrol, Austria, and expanding all over the world. It manifasts in a variety of projects, ideas, individuals, lifestyles, spaces and artifacts.

We do essential, existantial research in a variety of realms. Expanding ourselves, our perception and making a dent in the universe. We are fearless and embrace edgy and alternative novelties, and try to bring them to our local community. We explore and discover teamwork, friendship and purpose in an ever more confusing world.

Our Mission is to contribute to the planetwide consiousness with our expertise and our ability to adapt, offend and communicate. Through literature, evidence and presence we form a theory of existence and prove our approach through application.

The unique skillset we employ through alternative intelligence networks and spaces of exploration and self discovery allow us a broad and intimate insight into modern day psycho-mechanical systems and brain aware pseudo-techno-processes.

The post-modernist and post-industrial landscape that we inherited from our forefathers and mothers is more explored and discovered than ever before, there is no more white space on the map that no human has yet set his foot on. However, when we start to overlay the vast number of psycho active layers, dark-nets of tribal activeties and hierearchies, the distinctive experience systems of contradicting individal perception systems, then we begin to see a new world, a world that we have not yet discovered, a world that we cannot immediatly see, a world created through our collective human consiosness.

What we strive to do is to research that new world, and map it out for ourselves, our children and our ancestors. There are stories to record, maps to be drawn, interviews to be made. We have now the biggest pool of undiscovered knowledge before us, and the possibilities for new discoveries are endless.

For we see, we live in interesting times.